Design Consultation


In all construction projects, planning is the key to success.

Beaumont Traffic Management Ltd offers a complete design and consultation process before a contract is implemented.

We can arrange for full schematic drawings on any type of scheme to be produced by our approved sub contract consultancy, Tower House Associates and Consilium Technical Services.

We can attend pre-start meetings to discuss drawings or even to discuss your proposals and then produce fully working drawings for approval. Either way, Beaumont Traffic Management Ltd will ensure that everything is in place and agreed - before the commencement of any contract.

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Business Information Modelling (BIM) is used in conjunction with traditional 2D CAD designs and utilises data sets in order to create a virtual mock-up of an entire project including drawings and other complex tasks. It also creates efficiencies throughout the project life cycle.


Any changes that are made to the BIM drawings can be easily integrated back in to the 3D model and you can see the full impact of any changes made.  

Using BIM allows for any potential problems with the project to be identified and resolved quickly and efficiently

The industry is moving into the  BIM world. This is a highly specialised area of temporary traffic management design and, in collaboration with our approved sub contractor Consilium Technical Services, we have adapted to offer these services to our clients. Most major contracts now on the National Highways network are requesting BIM compatible designs to support the main work.


Consilium has provided their services to numerous contractors in England and Wales with BIM and their high speed engineers can assist with making sure our clients comply with their BIM duties under the contracts to level 2.