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Quality Policy & Objectives

It is the policy of Beaumont Traffic Management Ltd to provide all of our customers a service that conforms to all aspects of any contractual and legislative specifications. We will always strive to provide this service in a safe and proper manner. We place particular emphasis upon experience, reliability, quality and safety.


Should we be unable to provide a service to either the customer’s or legislative requirements, we shall undertake proper and timely corrective actions to ensure that the objective of the company is met, and the satisfaction of the customer is achieved.


We shall review all aspects of our performance, and where ever possible we shall always strive to initiate actions to improve our service to our customers. The Management of The Company will at all times, ensure that suitable and sufficient resources are always available to achieve our quality objectives.


Beaumont Traffic Management Ltd undertakes through qualified training to ensure that the objectives of the Company in terms of quality of service, and customer satisfaction is every employee’s aim. The Company also ensures that each employee has a full understanding of, and knows the importance of the quality system. All employees shall follow all relevant procedures relating to their function within the Company.


The quality system is designed and committed to meeting the requirements of EN ISO 9001 2015, and National Highways Sector Schemes 12AB and 12D.


The Management at a formally minuted Management Review meeting shall review the Quality System at least once per year. This meeting will ensure that the quality objectives set out in this policy are being met, and may recommend Preventive Action to be implemented to prevent any shortfall against these objectives.


Key Objectives


• Fully compliant systems installed as per customer requirements first time in accordance with NHSS documents 12AB and 12D.

• Competent and trained workforce and zero harm to them. (Zero accidents)

• Initiate timely preventative and corrective actions to prevent non-compliance or reduce customer complaints.

• Review and improve wherever possible our systems and performance.

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