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New HQ for Beaumont Traffic Management

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

We have always used portacabins for our office accommodation, and the ones we used to have served us for 24 years, but they were not environmentally friendly and were not an ideal working environment for our office team. As these photos show they were not very pretty, looked terrible and we weren't very proud of them at all. They kept us cold in the winter and very hot in the summer!

In December 2020 we got the go-ahead to buy new buildings for our office-based team, with the aim of merging all our accommodations under one roof. We had been in contact with Midlands Portable Buildings Ltd (MPB) for a while, but the timing was never quite right for us. Once it was, Matt and his team had an old classroom available for refurbishment which he felt would fulfill our needs.

We spent many hours planning the layout, ensuring that we had enough space for everything under one roof. Matt was very patient, eventually coming up with the ideal solution for us.

By choosing to refurbish a modular building, we lowered our carbon footprint by up to 70% against a new build

And this was the end result! We officially moved into our new offices on March 22nd, but there have a few things to finish off before we could unveil them to the outside world. We now have beautiful sunny spacious offices, complete with our own training room, kitchen, and main office area. We purchased office equipment with perspex screening to ensure that our team members felt safe working in the office during the pandemic. We also installed VOIP phones, and the building has data cabling throughout to ensure a secure and stable internet connection. We have air conditioning keeping us comfortable for the couple of weeks where the mercury rises above 20, there is also LED lighting throughout, and 2kw heaters with timers and thermostats.

By choosing to refurbish a building, we lowered our carbon footprint by up to 70% against an equivalent new build.

We now proudly welcome visitors and external training candidates to our new headquarters, I'm sure you'll agree that they look fantastic. Let's see if these last us 24 years!

If you have a similar project or need new offices give MPB call,

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