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We understand that our operations have a direct impact on the environment and we work hard to ensure that we reduce that as much as possible. A sustainable approach to all areas of our business is important to us and we know that it is important to our customers, clients, and employees.

2021 saw us begin to explore and report our carbon footprint, and we learned a lot from this process. As 2022 progresses we will be implementing more measures to enable us to report our carbon footprint and carbon reduction strategy more formally on a yearly basis.

Here is what we are currently doing to reduce our carbon emissions.

We have teamed up with Bryson to recycle all of our PPE, this includes all hi-visibility clothing, hard hats, safety specs, work boots, ear defenders, and gloves. This provides a circular economy for used PPE and everything is reused.

We use the services of  Mercury Recycling Ltd to recycle our used cone lamp batteries, these are all recycled in line with ISO 9001 and 14001 standards we recycle in excess of 2 tonnes of batteries each year

Our new offices  are supplied with electricity from 100% renewable energy sources. They are recycled modular buildings meaning our carbon footprint was reduced by 70% in comparison to manufacturing a brand-new building, these are heated by timed heaters, have low energy LED lighting throughout and have efficient insulation and double glazing.


All company mobile devices are sent to O2 Recycle for Business, this is a great little initiative as this allows us to not only ensure that none of our devices end up in landfill but also if there is any value, we receive credit enabling us to reinvest this into new technology. We recycle around 100 devices every year.

90% of our procurement is from other local SMB's and companies within a 30-mile radius from our depot in Studley, Warwickshire. This in turn ensures that we reduce our Scope 3 emissions.

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Almost 5 tonnes of our general waste is recycled, this is approximately 80% of our total waste. We aim to increase this over the next 5 years to 100%

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In an effort to reduce single-use plastic out on site we issue our employees with thermal travel mugs that keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and warm drinks warm for 12 hours. Our offices are provided with filtered water tap water, this means there are no water coolers needing plastic cups within our premises, we also do not have any single-use cutlery on our office premises.

We run a fleet of vehicles with Euro 6 engines and use vehicle tracking software to monitor driver behaviour. By doing this we can improve vehicle health, fuel costs by up to 15% and safety on the road, this also reduces the amount of fuel burnt in turn further reducing out CO2 emissions.

Throughout 2022 we will be working towards gaining our ISO 14001 standard for Environmental Management Systems, this will enable us to report our carbon footprint formally throughout the company and our supply chain and to our customers.

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