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Traffic Convoy Systems

There are more and more vehicles on the UK road network than ever before, and with approximately 96% of roads being managed by Local Authorities in England, Unlike roads managed by Highways England, these in most cases will not have been upgraded to increase their capacity in line with increased traffic flows.

In many cases the job of maintaining the current Local Authority roads, to a level expected by the road user, becomes more difficult due to their restrictive width, and high vehicle flows.

Health and Safety legislation dictates that Road Workers must be kept safe, just like any other employee at work, as well as members of the public passing by the works. Therefore, in these restricted road width situations the traffic passing the works area needs to be kept under control and restricted to lower speeds, in order to protect those carrying out the works.

Convoy systems are commonly used in these situations, and are excellent at achieving these aims. They can be operated on both normal single carriageway roads, and dual carriageways. We use small vehicles chosen specifically for their manoeuvrability to operate in this type of system.

The planning of convoy systems is extremely important, and we are happy to carry out the initial planning exercises necessary to operate a convoy system correctly, and safely and ensure that delays to the road user are minimised, without compromising the safety of either the Road Workers or the travelling public.

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