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Road Closures & Event Signing
Road Closure

road closures

Image courtesy of Ian Crocker

Our highly trained and knowledgeable management team can discuss your road closure requirements with you, and advise on all aspects of closing roads, whether it is for works to be carried out inside the closure or close to the highway, or for a specific event or parade.

If required we can submit proposals to the relevant highway authority on your behalf for diversion routes etc., and obtain the appropriate permits for the work or event to proceed. Alternatively, if you have already made arrangements with the authority, we can take any specific requirements they may have stipulated in any permits issued, and formulate those into a fully compliant proposal for approval.

Should specific signs be required, we are able to manufacture them in house in accordance with any specific contract requirements and signing regulations. For example, local highway authority logos where required, can be included on signs.

Our own fully qualified staff will ensure that the road is closed, and re-opened again, in accordance with the requirements detailed in the contract and permits.

Should the closure need to remain in place for a period of time, we are able to “service” the system by making regular checks on signing and coning, including following and checking the agreed and signed diversion routes, in order to ensure that all signing is still in place and in good order.

If the closure is for an event, i.e. Carnival, parade etc., we can if required, provide staff who will man all closure points, to ensure that unauthorised vehicles do not enter the closed section of road, which may be dangerous to those attending or taking part.

Please Contact Us for further information.

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