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Temporary Traffic Light Systems and Portable Traffic Light Systems can be supplied in 2 way or multi-phase (3 way / 4 way, etc.) layouts, and if required, systems with pedestrian control crossing facilities are also available. We are able to submit the necessary documentation to the relevant Highways Authority so that the correct permits can be obtained on behalf of the customer.

The signals can be supplied in cable or non-cable systems, and if required on longer term contracts, we may also be able to arrange for the signals to be connected to mains electricity, thus eliminating the need for re-fuelling or changing of batteries.

As with all of our work, these systems are installed by fully qualified staff who, if the situation dictates, will remain on site to operate the signals manually as is required for convoy systems.

On traffic sensitive routes where the signals are in place for a long period of time, our staff can, if it is a stated requirement in the local highways authority permit, attend during peak times to manually operate the system to ease busy traffic flows.

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